A pillar with attitude!

Many people have got one at home: a pillar, pedestal, column, base (depends on how you want to call it) These pillars are usually very simple and not that impressive. Yet the pillar often occupies a prominent place. Why is this popular artificial pillar always so invisible? Are you looking for a pillar that draws attention? What makes your artwork or showpiece stand out even better? The answer is: a pillar from Dutch Pillart! The pillar is completely handmade and each one is unique in its kind! DutchPillart has started with four different designs ART, LUXCOCO and VESPER. Recently a fifth design has been added: ROXX! Trendy, hip, modern and subtly colorful. Using paint from the Dutch acrylic paint brand Talens Amsterdam in traditional, pearl and fluoridating colors. 

DutchPillart is currently working on epoxy processing of pillars! This creates super nice 3D pillars. Development is ongoing and new items will be added in the futureDutchPillart makes the art pillar visible!

Soon available in store!

Pillar Doris

With pillar Doris you get a special pillar at home. A real eye-catcher. Her decorations are always different. That means that you continuously want to know what is being added to the list. This pillar gives your interior an extra boost. Usually a pillar is subordinate to the object on it. But why isn’t the pillar itself a piece of art? The Doris pillar of DutchPillart is a work of art in itself. Of course, a beautiful work of art fits here. But even without artwork, Doris leaves an unforgettable impression.

DutchPillart makes the art pillar visible!
FIRST of its kind!
This pillar stands for courage
The pillar is handmade
Each pillar is unique
Made from Dutch materials
Makes your showpiece stand out even more
Decorative pillar with talkative potential

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